7 Holiday Ideas for Families on a Budget

Cheap travel deals - With the recent Air Passenger Duty increase, many families on a budget find themselves unable to travel by air. This doesn’t mean you have to cancel your break.   Sometimes the most affordable family holidays tend to strengthen relationships and create memories to last a lifetime.  Here are six U.K. holiday ideas to help you plan the best trip ever.

1. Consider taking your holiday when school is still in session.  If the school has a 3 or 4 day weekend, maximize the time and plan a break.  Discounts are offered for lodging and other adventures during what is considered “off-season.” 

2. Plan and reserve early.  If you are flying or booking a vacation package, remember the earlier you book, the lower the cost.  Many cheap holidays begin long before the day of departure.

3. Watch for last minute deals.  If your family is flexible enough to leave at a moment’s notice, this could be your ticket to a fast and affordable getaway.  Cheap holidays sometimes start out at higher prices.  This is because hotels or airfare can offer steep discounts due to last minute cancellations.  Act fast and their loss can be your gain.

4. Go camping!  For the family on a budget, camping out can create memories your children will someday share with their own.  Teach your children how to fish and bond with them.  Many children who are not normally talkative find it easier to talk while waiting for the first nibble.  Use this time to learn their thoughts and what they really think about family issues.

5. House swap.  Run an Internet search for a house swap in the area your family would like to visit.  When you swap houses, your living expenses will be almost the same as staying home.  If you swap with a family who has children around the same age as yours, there may be toys, games, and movies accessible during your stay providing new entertainment.

6. Find a farm.  Visiting a farm is always a delight and continues to remain a practical and family holiday idea in the U.K.    Many offer walking, cycling, storage and laundry facilities. Some accommodations are near parks and other attractions easily visited during the day.  A main attraction of B&B farms is a delicious breakfast made with fresh produce or dairy foods.  The farm visit can provide a relaxing change of pace while helping educate the children. If you are looking for a farm, an Internet search will help you create a holiday itinerary quickly.

7. Visit Fifi Deals for family savings and discounts on services that will help your family enjoy one of the best U.K. holidays ever.


Cheap travel deals - Holiday ideas for families on a budget can be rewarding experiences.  Remember to keep an open mind and listen to what your kids think.  Fun and memorable doesn’t always mean ‘expensive.’  Enjoy your holiday and try something new this year.